Event Planning

Liberty Hall

A 333m² convention room which is sub-divisible into two rooms.

Liberty Hall features a pre-assembly area and the 333m² convention room which can be sub-divided into two rooms of equal size. This is an ideal venue for banquets, weddings, conferences and presentations.

Facilities include:

  • An individual audio system for each room with room combiner systems – upon request
  • Perimeter hanging bar at ceiling height for each area
  • Dimmable room lighting with individual controls for each room
  • Ceiling mounted speakers
  • Microphone / line level input points at skirting level in each room
  • Control panel at side of entrance doorway with the following controls: Main lighting dimmer control, Lighting dimmer control,
  • Background music volume control, Audio system source selecto; Audio room combiner selector; Projection screen control

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