How green can you be?

Back in the 1970s Kermit the Frog croaked that it's not easy being green. And now, years later, travellers are demanding that hotels 'turn green' and exhibit respect for the planet too. Peermont has responded by engaging in environmentally sound practices that go beyond conserving water by reusing towels and linens. It's a shame to disagree with an icon, but Kermit's got it all wrong, it's really easy being green!


Peermont is aware of its environmental impact and have launched a number of projects to identify key areas for improvement. These projects will provide a platform for future initiatives to encapsulate Peermont's sustainable environmental policy. Some of the initiatives that have already been implemented include the following:

  • A grey water plant and water saving measures at The Grand Palm,
  • Significant power saving measures have been implemented at The Grand Palm,
  • Equipment to safely dispose of fluorescent light bulb tubes at The Grand Palm,
  • Stand-by lighting has been installed at Peermont head office,
  • Emperors Palace has launched a carbon footprint measurement to determine key projects and initiatives for improvement,
  • Implementation of ElectroFlow systems at Emperors Palace, where recognisable overall electrical power savings
  • Waste recycling at Emperors Palace, and
  • Use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents.


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