Quest for The Grand Palm Million

The Grand Palm, Gaborone, Botswana

WIN your share in cash, 3 cars and fantastic prizes!


Featuring all of your favourite Red-Hot Bally promotions!

Play slots and tables between September and December to qualify.

Draws every Tuesday at 19h30, 20h30, 21h15 and 22h00

Monthly draws on 26 September, 31 October, 28 November and 19 December

Terms and conditions

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1.) Vouchers
1.1) Vouchers will be issued by Peermont Global (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd (“The Grand Palm”) in the following ways and subject to change any time during the promotion:Vouchers will be issued based on play while using the Winner’s Circle card on Slots and Tables.  In order to collect on tickets earned during play, customers should go to the Guest Relations Officer’s (GRO) desk and the GRO will then check how many (if any) ticket/s the customer qualify for.  The GRO will then print the voucher slip and request the guest to sign it.

2.) Voucher Redemption and Draw Tickets 
2.1) Voucher redemption can be done on the night of the draw or any other time Monday to Sunday except on draw days between 18h30 – 21h30. To be eligible for the draw, the Participant must earn 5 points or more the preceding week in order to qualify.
2.2) The participant must produce a valid Identification Documentation/Omang, Passport or Drivers License as well as their Winner’s Circle card in order to register for the draw at the Winners Circle desk. Only participants who registered will be eligible during any of the Tuesday night draws.
2.3) The Participant must play at the time of the draw on any Slots machine or Tables game in order to stand a chance of winning any prize during any draw. 

3.) Draw Tickets Slots and Tables
3.1) Vouchers are earned and can be collected at the GRO desk during play on slots and a day after play on tables.
3.2) To qualify, entrants must ensure that their initials and surname are on all the entry tickets before placing them inside the entry bin at the casino promotions stage 15 minutes before the draw. Tickets entered without details will be barred from participating in the draw.
3.3) The Participant must retain the ticket counterfoil and deposit the ticket on that month’s draw date into the Ticket Draw Bin by the casino promotions stage.
3.4) To claim a prize, the ticket holder must be present at the draw with the winning counterfoil and a valid Identity document/Omang, Passport or drivers license card.
3.5) Only the entrants’ first winning ticket qualifies to take part in the prize draw / game show.  Any winning ticket drawn after that will entitle the entrant to a mystery prize.

4.) Draw Phase General
4.1) There is no limit to the number of draw tickets that can be entered into the draw phase by one individual.
4.2) Lost draw tickets will not be replaced.
4.3) The onus is on each individual to redeem his/her vouchers for draw tickets in terms of the entry criteria at least two hours before the start of the first draw.
4.4) Draw tickets are not transferable.
4.5) Each of the draws will be conducted in accordance with the procedures determined by The Grand Palm in its sole discretion.

5.) The Monthly Draws 
5.1) In order to enter for a particular monthly draw (“the draw phase”) of the promotion contemplated in these rules (“the promotion”), Participants must deposit their draw ticket into the Ticket Draw Bins on the casino promotions stage on the day of that particular monthly draw.
5.2) Monthly draws will take place on such days and times as may be determined by The Grand Palm in its sole discretion.
5.3) Prize winners must be present at the draw in order to claim their prize and be in possession of a valid Identity Document/Omang, valid Passport or a valid Drivers License and the details must correspond with the name on the draw ticket.
5.4) Each winner in each of the monthly draws contemplated in clause 5.2, has 60 seconds after the announcement of the winner, or such longer time as The Grand Palm may determine in its sole discretion, in which to claim the prize and prove ownership of the winning draw ticket. If the prize is unclaimed after the said period of time or the prize is not awarded to the person claiming it, the draw ticket drawn shall be null and void, and another draw will take place.
5.5) Disabled participants must identify themselves at the Guest Relation Desk of The Grand Palm one hour prior to the draw and should he/she be the winner he/she must raise his/her hand within 60 seconds after the announcement of the winning draw ticket, or such longer period of time as determined by The Grand Palm, whereafter the Guest Relation Officer of The Grand Palm will escort him/her to the podium.

6.) The Final Draw
6.1) The winners of  the Quest for the Grand Palm million PASA’s in the monthly draws of the promotion deposit their PASA draw ticket (name given to the final entry ticket) into the Ticket Draw Bin at the casino promotion stage on the day/s of the final draw/s.
6.2) Each participant in the final draw for the Grand Prize must appear in person on the date of the final draw at the place where the final draw for the Grand Prize will take place and participate in the draw as directed by The Grand Palm

7.) General Terms
7.1) The Grand Palm shall be entitled in its discretion to declare any draw voucher or ticket, which in its opinion is altered, copied, mutilated, forged, manipulated, tampered with, stolen, illegible, misprinted, defaced, not legally gained or defective in any way, to be null and void.
7.2) People issued with a Right of Admission Notice or a person who has self excluded himself/herself from gaming, is not entitled to participate in this promotion and his/her draw ticket will be null and void and in the event that he/she is in possession of a prize, such prize will be withdrawn by The Grand Palm.
7.3) The prizes are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
7.4) The winner of the Grand Prize shall be obliged to sign such documents within 14 days as may be required by The Grand Palm.
7.5) Should the winner fail to comply with the provisions of 7.4, he/she will be deemed to have declined the prize which will revert back to The Grand Palm.
7.6) All prizes are awarded voetstoots (as is).
7.7) No person under the age of 18 years may participate in this promotion.  In addition the following persons are not allowed to enter the promotion –
7.7.1) The directors and the employees (and members of the immediate family of the directors and employees) of Peermont Global Limited, The Grand Palm, Peermont Global (Southern Highveld)(Pty) Ltd, Peermont Global (East Rand) (Pty)Ltd and their advertising agencies;
7.7.2) The suppliers of the draw equipment; and
7.7.3) The owners, directors, partners, trustees and members and the employees of the tenants of The Grand Palm participating in this promotion and their immediate family.
7.8) This promotion does not constitute an agreement or any form of legally binding commitment between the Participant and The Grand Palm. The Grand Palm will not be liable for any damages suffered by anybody as a result of any act or omission, whether negligent, grossly negligent or otherwise, of any employee or agent of The Grand Palm pursuant to the promotion.
7.9) Any claim –
7.9.1) For a prize will be subject to verification by The Grand Palm whose decision in this matter is final and no correspondence will be entered into;
7.9.2) For the Grand Prize contemplated in clause 6.1 will be subject to verification by the independent auditor of The Grand Palm whose decision in this matter is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
7.10) The Grand Palm will be entitled, at any time, to terminate or alter the promotion and these rules, without any prior notice. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, The Grand Palm shall be entitled to –
7.10.1) Declare void, alter the monetary amount of, or alter the distribution of prizes for the promotion where the normal operation of the promotion has in the opinion of The Grand Palm been corrupted by any event, including without limitation printing errors resulting in additional prize winning draw tickets and any other system errors;
7.10.2) Alter any of the rules of the promotion in the interest of fairness to all participants;
7.10.3) Terminate the promotion immediately and without notice if required as a result of legislation or an order of a regulatory authority.
7.11) In the event of a dispute regarding the promotion or any of these rules the decision of the Chief Executive Officer of The Grand Palm or his authorized representative will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.
7.12) By entering this promotion the Participants agree to abide by the rules of the promotion.

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