The WPT Alpha 8 Satellite Tournaments at Emperors Palace

14 February 2014 - 15 February 2014

Play your way into the main Alpha 8 Tournament!


Fancy yourself an Alpha Male?

The WPT Alpha 8 Satellite Tournaments affords the serious poker player a chance to play their way into the ultimate poker face-off, without having to fork out the $100 000 buy-in. 

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Satellite Tournament Schedule:

Event Date Buy-in Entry Details
# 1: Alpha Male 17 and 18  January $4,000 $400 25 Invited Players.
Exclusive Dinner with Partners.
Unique Gift.
# 2: VIP Roar 25 and 26 January $2500 $250 40 Invited Guests. Catered Dinner with Partners. Players that played in Satellite # 1 will not be charged entry fee. 
# 3: Glorys Last Calling 11 and 12 February $500 Entry + $200 Rebuy + $300 Add On 10% Limited Field of 100. The Biggest Satellite Ever in Africa


Terms and conditions

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  • Currency exchange rates may change leading up to the Tournament.
  • All prize pools will be paid out in South African Rand.
  • WPT, World Poker Tour, Alpha 8 and Card Designs are trademarks of WPT Enterprises, Inc. used with permission. All rights reserved.
  • Official TDA Rules, Structure and Sponsorship rules available here

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