The Peermont growth strategy

The operating philosophy of Peermont is based on the following:

  • To concentrate on financially viable projects for both owner and operator.
  • To cultivate strong relationships with local investors by promoting local shareholding.
  • To focus on major business areas, government centres, and destination resorts.
  • To provide in-depth technical, operational, marketing and development assistance and expertise.
  • To design hotels in keeping with the local character of each individual country or region, and operating staff to match.
  • To strive for five-star quality while maintaining cost efficiencies in all our hotel categories.
  • To continually develop and implement state-of-the-art technology.
  • To maintain a decentralized management structure, but with strict central professional support and monitoring services to control quality.
  • To develop local nationals into highly skilled entrepreneurs.
  • To aggressively market to targeted segments.

This approach is strengthened by a willingness to adapt to changing political, social, and business environments and an insistence on "fitting" into local cultures.

Partnership and investor opportunities

Partner and investors can work with the Group through:

  • Hotel development and design consulting
    Under such an agreement, and owner / developer can benefit from the Peermont's conceptual, technical and design strength and ensure that the hotel will be built to meet brand standards and market expectations.
  • Hotel development
    Typically, Peermont and the partner-investor share equity in the development. The hotel is then managed or leased by Peermont
  • Management contracts
    Management contracts involve the owner financing and equipping the hotel, with operational and brand marketing expertise being provided by Peermont.

Whichever partnership option is selected, investors are guaranteed the backing of Peermont's financial muscle as well as experience, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial commitment to excellence, and profit focus.

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