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Press Room

Emperors Palace offers a unique gaming experience with the Innovation Pit

09 January 2012

The Innovation Pit at Emperors Palace offers an exceptional gaming experience where serious gaming is the order of the day. The pit consists for four exhilarating electronic gaming tables that cost R3.5 million.

Guests can take a stab at MultiPlay Roulette, a double sided table with two touch screen roulette layouts. This table has a minimum bet of R2.50 and is opened from mid-day to the early hours of the next morning. A dealer spins the ball; add credits when players buy-in and cash out credits when players have finished gambling. The Auto MultiPlay Roulette table, on the contrary, does not require a dealer. “This game will be enjoyed by guests who leave their luck to chance,” says Peermont General Gaming Manager, Marc Carlton-Smith. The table has one touch screen layout with an enclosed roulette wheel that is open for 24 hours a day. 

Addition to the distinctive gaming experience are two Digi Deal Blackjack tables that are fully electronic and can operate either with a dealer or fully automatic without one. “These machines are linked in the same way as slots are linked to System 7000. This means that players will qualify for cash bonus points and Juggernaut rewards,” says Emperors Palace Tables Manager, Phil Harper. Only players with smart cards can play on the Digi Deal Blackjack tables. In the case of a dealer operating the table, players will be able to buy-in for cash. When the tables are changed to fully automatic, all players will be required to cash out to their cards and then resume play once the table has been switched to auto mode. One of the tables has a minimum bet of R10 and the other R25.

“With the simplicity of dealing the games, part time hostesses are used in the Innovation Pit over weekends to operate the tables. Guests will be taught the basic rules of the games and how to spin a roulette wheel. This will make play more easy and the win more rewarding,” Carlton-Smith concluded.

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